tribal wars

tribal wars


Long hiatus – New Recipes!

So, I’ve been making comics, and doing crafts, but haven’t felt like blogging.

I’m going to try to change that.

One big change, is I’ve stopped eating wheat, and I’ve been adjusting a lot of old recipes into wheat-free versions, and learning new things too.

Here is my version of Matzo ball soup, without wheat (without regular Matzo) i.e. Gluten Free!

Chicken Soup
6 large carrots, peeled and chopped into your preferred size, or a bag of baby carrots, your choice.
1 celery
1/2 cup parsley leaves
one onion
2 cloves garlic
5-6 chicken thighs (or your preferred chicken parts, with bone and skin)
1 tsp basil
1 tsp powdered ginger (or a small piece of skinned fresh, but it’s hard to fish out later, and too strong to leave in)
2 tsp salt

In a large stock pot, fill about 2/3 with water, this should be roughly 64 oz of water, perhaps a little more.
Wash all the veggies and the chicken, remove the skin of the chicken (leave the bones), and put it in the water, and turn the stove on medium high.
I don’t like celery much, so I cut the root end off and cut all the stalks in half and dump it in, except the small pieces, which I chop up finely.
Peel the onion, put it in whole, unless you like onion pieces, then chop it up.
de-stem and chop your parsley leaves and add them.
peel your garlic and chop it up
add carrots in your preferred method.

These should cook at medium high for about 30 minutes, in the meantime..

Put the chicken skins in a pan and fry them until they are thoroughly crispy, and add a little salt. When cool, break into small pieces, and don’t throw out the chicken fat yet.


Matzo Balls
2 c. almond meal
3-4 eggs (watch how well 3 mix, they need to be mushy, but firm enough to make a ball, if it’s too thick your balls will be very dense)
1 tbsp chicken fat
1 tsp salt
small pieces of chicken skins

Combine the almond meal in a bowl with the salt, then add the chicken fat and eggs, mix very well, and add the 4th egg if needed. Wet your hands with water, and they should stick to your hands less, form matzo balls. This recipe should make roughly 12-15 matzo balls about golf ball sized, and when cooked they will nearly double in size. Inside each ball, place a small piece of crispy chicken skin. (The skin provides a LOT of flavor, and need not be bigger than a green pea).

Discard the rest of the chicken skin and fat, unless you have another purpose for it. Place matzo balls in fridge for 20 minutes.

When the soup has been cooking 30 minutes, turn heat down to a simmer, cook for 15 more minutes, then remove the chicken, carrots, celery and onion (also ginger, if you used real ginger). On a plate or in a bowl, cool vegetables. De-bone chicken and cut into pieces. Turn heat back up to medium high on the soup, and add matzo balls.

Matzo Balls should boil in the soup for 30-40 minutes, or until they start popping to the surface, although you may need to cut one and see if the middle is cooked.

When they are done, put the carrots and chicken back in the soup (and the amount of celery and onion you wish, I usually discard most of them). Cook the soup with all ingredients for another 10 minutes and then you’re done! Enjoy!

Matzo Ball!

Matzo Ball!

Official Launch has begun!

Now, the comic has it’s own proper domain!



I’m so excited, I got some advertising and actually have gotten a LOT of viewers. I wonder if this means it’s good? Or…if the ad was just intriguing enough to get people to click.

Well, I’d love to get some feedback, let me know what you think =)

Also, who thinks this would be a fun T-shirt?  I might do another design and get that printed. Any interest in availability?

Ok, not a project…

But I love funky socks!

Don’t you?

Gotta be ready for Talk Like a Pirate Day.


Mask picture




I forgot to post the finished version!


Presenting…Dr. Zoidberg!

Sorry, I don’t have a lab coat at the moment, maybe I will later =)


My other project

Well, I guess I ought to share this here, I finally launched that thing I mentioned last year.

It was SUPPOSED to have a proper comic-format website, but that has been put on hold. While WordPress is nice, it isn’t really set up to make viewing comics easy and simple.

I worry that if I make that site too public and searchable that it will fall flat because it isn’t quite to easy to see, and the flow is lost.  I don’t know, but, they’re up, take a look if you’re curious. Oh, and I should mention, these are characters…while based in truth, they are not accurate representations of anyone. If they resemble you, or someone you know, don’t worry, this is fictionalized. ; )




I like comics. They make me happy, I love the feel of something hand drawn and a little weathered, something planned out with clever writing and a cute punchline.


I decided to copy a comic from a wonderful artist and writer <a href=””>Karl Kerschel</a>. I really love the underlying message in a lot of his humor, also the mixture of silliness and beautiful realistic art. Mine isn’t quite as realistic, but I think I was working smaller to start with.


This is a present, and an experiment in media, I took a sheet of cold press watercolor paper and dyed it in tea, once it dried I inked over it, and I think this is a rather nice, aged-looking piece of art.


What do you think?