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Pencils, projects, blogs, wait, that wasn’t another ‘p’

My alliteration has failed me. What would you call a blog with the letter P? Ponderings in Pixels?

Ohh..I may use that.

Anyway, I received these today from my gramma:

and I hadn’t used them before, but they seemed familiar, so I did a quick search.

So if you’re curious about the pencils, there’s a little review.

I am usually partial to the mechanical pencil for my drafting and sketching, although sometimes I use a soft, thick woodless pencil…but I’m always open to trying new or different pencils to expand my sketching options. I can’t remember the brand of woodless pencils I use, ugh. I want to say koh-i-noor, but it could just as easily be faber castell.

For the non-arty types, you probably think a pencil is a pencil, why all the fuss?

To an extent, yes, it doesn’t matter too much what your tools are for sketches, but, it can be the difference between riding a unicycle and a bicycle sometimes. You CAN get from place to place on a unicycle, but it requires more focus and skill to get the same result, with a nicer pencil it can be extra smooth and making it easier can enhance your idea process.

Of course, getting back to my surprise present…I don’t know why my gramma sent them, there’s no holiday or birthday I’m aware of, though I’m thoroughly pleased. =)


Broken Glasses

I really want to make these frames work again. They’re lovely, but the plastic parts are very frail. I’m considering using a resin of some kind to piece them together, I attempted to use superglue, but then the bridge broke while I was holding it to set.

It’s hard to find cats-eye frames like these now, I think these were my Omi’s from the mid-60s. She isn’t sure, but she said they aren’t her mother’s.

I guess the main problem with reconstructing the plastic is making them so lenses will still fit snugly in them. I don’t have tools to work with metal, or that would be a more sturdy option to work on.

Granny squares Gone Wild

Some people use granny squares for blankets.

Some use granny squares for purses.

I seem to forget “useful” things like that, and I use them to make sleeves…
Granny Sleeve

…which should turn into a giraffe when I’m done.
Granny Squares

Yep, BLUE giraffe. …and pink…and orange…he’s an lsd giraffe?

More updates to follow.
~The Purple Pepper

Secret Project

Well…it was supposed to be secret, but I was impatient and wanted to work on it when my friend was here, so, bah.

Anyway, this is a peek of what I’m working on.

It’s going to be a full mask, I got most of the head portion finished the other day, but I haven’t got more pictures for you yet.

Oh, also, you can stick your hand in the nose and make the tentacles move, although you can’t wear it that way.

Is it obvious who it is? Guesses?

I’m thinking about making some kind of mask for halloween…but they take a while, so I want it to be something cool, so if I start it early I’ll still want to use it by October. Also, not TOO complicated so I don’t just get tired and annoyed, hehe

Decisions decisions…

Old design, new puppet!

New jellyfish!

I’ve done a jellyfish puppet before, but I figured it was time for a new one, the last one I made was a little tight at the top, and I never bothered to try again. Sooo, another try, a new color palette and we’ll see how it goes!

Anyone have a favorite type of jellyfish?

Purple, no, blue? No, purple!

Behold, the completed one-sided scarf!

I’m going to try to update later with a color-corrected picture, and maybe the stitched together ends, so you can see how it fits together. The color correction is because for some reason, my camera makes it much more blue than it is.

Yayy scarf!

Variety and boredom

I’ve been busy with this scarf, so as promised, an update Work-In-Progress picture!

I’m going to secure the ends AFTER it’s finished, so I hope I can get them all tidy and straight.

On another note of tidy and utilitarian..(what do you mean a science scarf isn’t utilitarian? pfft)
I re-laced my shoes military style (at least, one version of a military style? You wouldn’t believe how many ways there are to tie shoes) which I am hoping will take a little vertical pressure off the tops of my feet. When I go for my hike/walks I find often my laces are too tight, or something is causing discomfort on the tops of my feet, so, perhaps this will fix it!

Also, (yes, they’re the balance shoes) I am sorely tempted to paint or dye my shoes, or decorate them somehow. Any ideas on the best ways to go about that? I’m pretty sure acrylic or craft paint is gonna chip off or otherwise look tacky. Clothing dyes seem like I’d have to dip-dye them, rather than paint, and I’m not sure the material would take to it anyway.

Hmm, ponder ponder

~The Purple Pepper