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I like comics. They make me happy, I love the feel of something hand drawn and a little weathered, something planned out with clever writing and a cute punchline.


I decided to copy a comic from a wonderful artist and writer <a href=”http://abominable.cc”>Karl Kerschel</a>. I really love the underlying message in a lot of his humor, also the mixture of silliness and beautiful realistic art. Mine isn’t quite as realistic, but I think I was working smaller to start with.


This is a present, and an experiment in media, I took a sheet of cold press watercolor paper and dyed it in tea, once it dried I inked over it, and I think this is a rather nice, aged-looking piece of art.


What do you think?


Drawing Group

WARNING, if you are offended by nudes, turn back now!


Still here?

Ok, then you can see what I did in the drawing group tonight =)

I didn’t upload the 1 and 2 minute poses, just 5, 10, and a couple 20s. If anyone is interested in seeing the fast and furious ones you are welcome to e-mail me. I’m at gmail.com

I enjoyed the model, she was friendly and she said she really liked the pink and orange shading. It’s nice when the models talk with you, it doesn’t seem as awkward that you’ve been staring at them for a couple hours.