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My other project

Well, I guess I ought to share this here, I finally launched that thing I mentioned last year.


It was SUPPOSED to have a proper comic-format website, but that has been put on hold. While WordPress is nice, it isn’t really set up to make viewing comics easy and simple.

I worry that if I make that site too public and searchable that it will fall flat because it isn’t quite to easy to see, and the flow is lost.  I don’t know, but, they’re up, take a look if you’re curious. Oh, and I should mention, these are characters…while based in truth, they are not accurate representations of anyone. If they resemble you, or someone you know, don’t worry, this is fictionalized. ; )



A friend of mine gave me a bunch of grapefruits!

There are more actually, but they wouldn’t all fit in the shot.

Anyway, while I enjoy grapefruit, these are a little small and sour to get the best enjoyment out of just eating them with a knife or spoon, so, I thought, “what could I make with these?” I did a few searches on grapefruit recipes and found one for marmalade! (I also found one for a smoothie, which I may do later)

Thus, the marmalade escapade began.

I thought I would only need 4 of these guys, since my recipe only called for two large ones, and these are closer to orange-sized. However, I wound up needing 6, which was no problem, as I still have 7 leftover :peeks in bag: :counts: Yes, 7.

Here, there is supposed to be a picture of my pulp-covered hands, grapefruit guts, and nicely sliced up bits and pieces of pulp and rind, but, sadly, my hands were COVERED in pulp!

I didn’t think that part through, oh well, you’ll have to use your imagination. They’re not pink inside, if you’re curious, they’re almost lemon-colored.

So after cooking on the stove for about 10 minutes, I let the pulp and rind soak in water overnight. This morning, I put them in a pot and added 4 cups of sugar (Ohhh my I hope that wasn’t too much, but that’s what the recipe asked for.) and some lemon juice, and let them simmer and boil down for, oh, I think it took 40 minutes.

Until it looked like this.

Ohh..yeah, need to clean my stove soon.

Phew, I wanted to arrange these all nicely in the light, but those jars were deceptively HOT!

Yum yum, can’t wait to try it!

-must not taste molten marmalade-
-must NOT taste molten marmalade-