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My other project

Well, I guess I ought to share this here, I finally launched that thing I mentioned last year.


It was SUPPOSED to have a proper comic-format website, but that has been put on hold. While WordPress is nice, it isn’t really set up to make viewing comics easy and simple.

I worry that if I make that site too public and searchable that it will fall flat because it isn’t quite to easy to see, and the flow is lost.  I don’t know, but, they’re up, take a look if you’re curious. Oh, and I should mention, these are characters…while based in truth, they are not accurate representations of anyone. If they resemble you, or someone you know, don’t worry, this is fictionalized. ; )


Broken Glasses

I really want to make these frames work again. They’re lovely, but the plastic parts are very frail. I’m considering using a resin of some kind to piece them together, I attempted to use superglue, but then the bridge broke while I was holding it to set.

It’s hard to find cats-eye frames like these now, I think these were my Omi’s from the mid-60s. She isn’t sure, but she said they aren’t her mother’s.

I guess the main problem with reconstructing the plastic is making them so lenses will still fit snugly in them. I don’t have tools to work with metal, or that would be a more sturdy option to work on.

Purple Möbius

New scarf!

Not a whole lot to say about this one, I just started working on it, and I intend for it to be like a Möbius strip we shall see how it goes! I’ll try to do a few more WIP pictures, I often forget to do that, and I’m not sure if people are particularly interested in seeing the various stages of not-done…I will try anyway.

Any other cool sciency things that you think would be fun to make out of yarn? I’d love to hear your ideas!