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My other project

Well, I guess I ought to share this here, I finally launched that thing I mentioned last year.

It was SUPPOSED to have a proper comic-format website, but that has been put on hold. While WordPress is nice, it isn’t really set up to make viewing comics easy and simple.

I worry that if I make that site too public and searchable that it will fall flat because it isn’t quite to easy to see, and the flow is lost.  I don’t know, but, they’re up, take a look if you’re curious. Oh, and I should mention, these are characters…while based in truth, they are not accurate representations of anyone. If they resemble you, or someone you know, don’t worry, this is fictionalized. ; )


The FDR X-wing

A new painting! I’m not done yet obviously, but I’m curious if you guys think this is awesome…or offensive. This came from the idea of FDR in a fighter plane, and no one could figure out how he’d do that in a wheelchair, so then the idea was “It’s like R2D2! He’s lowered in with a crane and has hand controls.”


Yet another.. hush hush project

So, the latest project in the works…I can’t show you yet.

I’m collaborating with some friends, and using them as references to start a comic strip. I don’t think it will be daily, as we all are busy 20-somethings and can’t hang out all the time any more. However, we do hang out often and much fun and shenanigans are had.

My gaming group, (The Doomed Legion-website coming soon!) is often attending cons and getting together for various games, and we’re all outspoken, intelligent, and thoroughly silly, which should make excellent comic-fodder. I plan to keep all the characters in the spirit of those they are based on, but, while some things are direct quotes, others will be made up and I’m considering putting something along the lines of ‘any resemblance to real persons living or dead is purely coincidental’

However, that isn’t really true, so, I’m debating a better word-choice, something tongue-in-cheek perhaps.

Anyway, here is your sneak peek, I’m going to change the font later on, but haven’t got it set up yet.


These! These evil things are invading my compost!

Gahh…it’s not like a line going to my little pile of dirt and scraps, it’s like a COLONY has overtaken it and made it into a giant ant hill.


Ok, maybe it’s not so horrible, let’s look up “what to do about ants in compost” on Google.

Hmm, ok, found a composting site that says it might mean my compost is too dry. I can add water to it and stir things up and that might deter them from making a home in the compost. Although having bugs and things in the compost may actually help it also.

Hrmph, I’m going to drench the compost.

I don’t mind a few, but I do NOT like the prospect of hosting a colony.

Secret Project

Well…it was supposed to be secret, but I was impatient and wanted to work on it when my friend was here, so, bah.

Anyway, this is a peek of what I’m working on.

It’s going to be a full mask, I got most of the head portion finished the other day, but I haven’t got more pictures for you yet.

Oh, also, you can stick your hand in the nose and make the tentacles move, although you can’t wear it that way.

Is it obvious who it is? Guesses?

I’m thinking about making some kind of mask for halloween…but they take a while, so I want it to be something cool, so if I start it early I’ll still want to use it by October. Also, not TOO complicated so I don’t just get tired and annoyed, hehe

Decisions decisions…

Behind the Screen

I’ve been a bit busy this week, however, I found something interesting while digging through old files on my computer.

A few years ago I started writing a parody of the song “Behind Blue Eyes” The Who. I was trying to find it a couple months ago and it didn’t seem to be anywhere so I was surprised to find it so randomly.

Aaaanyway, come, witness a little bit of my nerdiness:

“No one knows what it’s like to be the bad guys
To be the DM
Behind the screen

No one knows what it’s like to be the DM
To have the players
Kill your storyline

But my plans they’re all destroyed
By the players greed
For Swag

I’ve planned for hours only lonely
My love is vengence
On those who flee

No one knows what it’s like to roll so badly
Like I do, and I blame you!

No one fights back as hard with their monsters
None of my well-laid plans can get you!

If Tensor’s floating disc should tremble
Cast dispell and make it cool

If you swallow anything evil
Neutralize like the druids do”

I have a little more, but it’s not really finished. So, um, sorry no new pictures, hopefully someone can appreciate this little display of geek, hehe

~The Purple Pepper