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Pencils, projects, blogs, wait, that wasn’t another ‘p’

My alliteration has failed me. What would you call a blog with the letter P? Ponderings in Pixels?

Ohh..I may use that.

Anyway, I received these today from my gramma:

and I hadn’t used them before, but they seemed familiar, so I did a quick search.


So if you’re curious about the pencils, there’s a little review.

I am usually partial to the mechanical pencil for my drafting and sketching, although sometimes I use a soft, thick woodless pencil…but I’m always open to trying new or different pencils to expand my sketching options. I can’t remember the brand of woodless pencils I use, ugh. I want to say koh-i-noor, but it could just as easily be faber castell.

For the non-arty types, you probably think a pencil is a pencil, why all the fuss?

To an extent, yes, it doesn’t matter too much what your tools are for sketches, but, it can be the difference between riding a unicycle and a bicycle sometimes. You CAN get from place to place on a unicycle, but it requires more focus and skill to get the same result, with a nicer pencil it can be extra smooth and making it easier can enhance your idea process.

Of course, getting back to my surprise present…I don’t know why my gramma sent them, there’s no holiday or birthday I’m aware of, though I’m thoroughly pleased. =)