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Mask picture




I forgot to post the finished version!


Presenting…Dr. Zoidberg!

Sorry, I don’t have a lab coat at the moment, maybe I will later =)



Granny squares Gone Wild

Some people use granny squares for blankets.

Some use granny squares for purses.

I seem to forget “useful” things like that, and I use them to make sleeves…
Granny Sleeve

…which should turn into a giraffe when I’m done.
Granny Squares

Yep, BLUE giraffe. …and pink…and orange…he’s an lsd giraffe?

More updates to follow.
~The Purple Pepper

Secret Project

Well…it was supposed to be secret, but I was impatient and wanted to work on it when my friend was here, so, bah.

Anyway, this is a peek of what I’m working on.

It’s going to be a full mask, I got most of the head portion finished the other day, but I haven’t got more pictures for you yet.

Oh, also, you can stick your hand in the nose and make the tentacles move, although you can’t wear it that way.

Is it obvious who it is? Guesses?

I’m thinking about making some kind of mask for halloween…but they take a while, so I want it to be something cool, so if I start it early I’ll still want to use it by October. Also, not TOO complicated so I don’t just get tired and annoyed, hehe

Decisions decisions…

Old design, new puppet!

New jellyfish!

I’ve done a jellyfish puppet before, but I figured it was time for a new one, the last one I made was a little tight at the top, and I never bothered to try again. Sooo, another try, a new color palette and we’ll see how it goes!

Anyone have a favorite type of jellyfish?

Purple, no, blue? No, purple!

Behold, the completed one-sided scarf!

I’m going to try to update later with a color-corrected picture, and maybe the stitched together ends, so you can see how it fits together. The color correction is because for some reason, my camera makes it much more blue than it is.

Yayy scarf!

Purple Möbius

New scarf!

Not a whole lot to say about this one, I just started working on it, and I intend for it to be like a Möbius strip we shall see how it goes! I’ll try to do a few more WIP pictures, I often forget to do that, and I’m not sure if people are particularly interested in seeing the various stages of not-done…I will try anyway.

Any other cool sciency things that you think would be fun to make out of yarn? I’d love to hear your ideas!