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Project: Ceiling cave-in!

Well…I haven’t been updating my projects because I haven’t been doing many projects.

My apartment has had leaking plumbing, and I’m moving, and…yes, many things are happening.

Lookit the holes my landlord put in the ceiling!

He was trying to locate the leak, but, it’s a sneaky leak that we now think is the toilet rather than the sink. My couch has been leaked upon, and I’m looking for a new one.

So, that’s the short version, and hopefully I’ll have FUN stuff to update with soon! yayy


Yet another.. hush hush project

So, the latest project in the works…I can’t show you yet.

I’m collaborating with some friends, and using them as references to start a comic strip. I don’t think it will be daily, as we all are busy 20-somethings and can’t hang out all the time any more. However, we do hang out often and much fun and shenanigans are had.

My gaming group, (The Doomed Legion-website coming soon!) is often attending cons and getting together for various games, and we’re all outspoken, intelligent, and thoroughly silly, which should make excellent comic-fodder. I plan to keep all the characters in the spirit of those they are based on, but, while some things are direct quotes, others will be made up and I’m considering putting something along the lines of ‘any resemblance to real persons living or dead is purely coincidental’

However, that isn’t really true, so, I’m debating a better word-choice, something tongue-in-cheek perhaps.

Anyway, here is your sneak peek, I’m going to change the font later on, but haven’t got it set up yet.

Making Good

Heyy two days in a row, looking better already!

So, here are my doodles I mentioned before:

Except the hat, the hat is a Firefly homage to Jayne Cobb. I made one with more subdued colors for a friend, this one is more true to what is on the show…but I think subtle colors work better, if I were to wear one.

Anyway, back on track, what should I make next?

I’m going to make prints, originals and handmade items available on etsy if I get some feedback here! =)

I’m working ridiculously hard to find a regular job, but, if I could supplement things this way, maybe I could build up a portfolio/following/interest and eventually get a real job in the art field before I give it all up.


Until next time…

The Purple Pepper

(oohh not the Blue Onion yet, gotcha)