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Old design, new puppet!

New jellyfish!

I’ve done a jellyfish puppet before, but I figured it was time for a new one, the last one I made was a little tight at the top, and I never bothered to try again. Sooo, another try, a new color palette and we’ll see how it goes!

Anyone have a favorite type of jellyfish?



A friend of mine gave me a bunch of grapefruits!

There are more actually, but they wouldn’t all fit in the shot.

Anyway, while I enjoy grapefruit, these are a little small and sour to get the best enjoyment out of just eating them with a knife or spoon, so, I thought, “what could I make with these?” I did a few searches on grapefruit recipes and found one for marmalade! (I also found one for a smoothie, which I may do later)

Thus, the marmalade escapade began.

I thought I would only need 4 of these guys, since my recipe only called for two large ones, and these are closer to orange-sized. However, I wound up needing 6, which was no problem, as I still have 7 leftover :peeks in bag: :counts: Yes, 7.

Here, there is supposed to be a picture of my pulp-covered hands, grapefruit guts, and nicely sliced up bits and pieces of pulp and rind, but, sadly, my hands were COVERED in pulp!

I didn’t think that part through, oh well, you’ll have to use your imagination. They’re not pink inside, if you’re curious, they’re almost lemon-colored.

So after cooking on the stove for about 10 minutes, I let the pulp and rind soak in water overnight. This morning, I put them in a pot and added 4 cups of sugar (Ohhh my I hope that wasn’t too much, but that’s what the recipe asked for.) and some lemon juice, and let them simmer and boil down for, oh, I think it took 40 minutes.

Until it looked like this.

Ohh..yeah, need to clean my stove soon.

Phew, I wanted to arrange these all nicely in the light, but those jars were deceptively HOT!

Yum yum, can’t wait to try it!

-must not taste molten marmalade-
-must NOT taste molten marmalade-

Purple, no, blue? No, purple!

Behold, the completed one-sided scarf!

I’m going to try to update later with a color-corrected picture, and maybe the stitched together ends, so you can see how it fits together. The color correction is because for some reason, my camera makes it much more blue than it is.

Yayy scarf!

Variety and boredom

I’ve been busy with this scarf, so as promised, an update Work-In-Progress picture!

I’m going to secure the ends AFTER it’s finished, so I hope I can get them all tidy and straight.

On another note of tidy and utilitarian..(what do you mean a science scarf isn’t utilitarian? pfft)
I re-laced my shoes military style (at least, one version of a military style? You wouldn’t believe how many ways there are to tie shoes) which I am hoping will take a little vertical pressure off the tops of my feet. When I go for my hike/walks I find often my laces are too tight, or something is causing discomfort on the tops of my feet, so, perhaps this will fix it!

Also, (yes, they’re the balance shoes) I am sorely tempted to paint or dye my shoes, or decorate them somehow. Any ideas on the best ways to go about that? I’m pretty sure acrylic or craft paint is gonna chip off or otherwise look tacky. Clothing dyes seem like I’d have to dip-dye them, rather than paint, and I’m not sure the material would take to it anyway.

Hmm, ponder ponder

~The Purple Pepper

Purple Möbius

New scarf!

Not a whole lot to say about this one, I just started working on it, and I intend for it to be like a Möbius strip we shall see how it goes! I’ll try to do a few more WIP pictures, I often forget to do that, and I’m not sure if people are particularly interested in seeing the various stages of not-done…I will try anyway.

Any other cool sciency things that you think would be fun to make out of yarn? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Drawing Group

WARNING, if you are offended by nudes, turn back now!


Still here?

Ok, then you can see what I did in the drawing group tonight =)

I didn’t upload the 1 and 2 minute poses, just 5, 10, and a couple 20s. If anyone is interested in seeing the fast and furious ones you are welcome to e-mail me. I’m at gmail.com

I enjoyed the model, she was friendly and she said she really liked the pink and orange shading. It’s nice when the models talk with you, it doesn’t seem as awkward that you’ve been staring at them for a couple hours.


Walk in the park

It appears that I am on a drawing kick.

This is good! But, I need to focus. I have an idea for some pencil paintings and maybe watercolors and charcoal…or ink. This drawing-various people-and-things-at-the-park is not going to cut it.

Though, it is fun practice.

No, FOCUS! Come on brain, you can do it…stop looking at the geese, nooo…

Ok…where was I?