These! These evil things are invading my compost!

Gahh…it’s not like a line going to my little pile of dirt and scraps, it’s like a COLONY has overtaken it and made it into a giant ant hill.


Ok, maybe it’s not so horrible, let’s look up “what to do about ants in compost” on Google.

Hmm, ok, found a composting site that says it might mean my compost is too dry. I can add water to it and stir things up and that might deter them from making a home in the compost. Although having bugs and things in the compost may actually help it also.

Hrmph, I’m going to drench the compost.

I don’t mind a few, but I do NOT like the prospect of hosting a colony.


One response to “Disaster!

  1. Just be glad they aren’t “fire ants” Those things are evil little bastards!

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