I’ve got a loverly bunch of coconuts

There they are a-standing in a row…

No…wait, those are cans..

Why, you may ask, do I have cans of coconut milk?

Well, actually I don’t anymore, a couple weeks ago I made some coconut milk ice cream (cherry-almond flavored) and I discovered the remnants of which had been pushed to the back of my freezer, and had done this!

Luckily, the ice melted quickly and it was still delicious.

–mmm, ice cream soup–

But, I had to wonder, why does my freezer have ice monsters?

This site claims that improper storage is what causes ice crystals, it allows moisture inside the container and it lets/traps odors and things in the ice cream. I was storing it in a screw-top ziploc plastic container (must not say “Tupperware™” about Ziploc™ products) and I think it’s a pretty good seal, so I’m curious if that truly is the culprit.

Most of the other sites I found say similar, or less helpful things. Bah.



2 responses to “I’ve got a loverly bunch of coconuts

  1. If something looked like that in my freezer….I wouldn’t eat it…..it would go straight into the trash.

    I do believe in order to prevent “ice crystals”, you need an airtight seal…like vacuum packed.

  2. thepurplepepper

    it looked stranger in the picture I think. Once the ice crystals melted (took maybe 3 minutes) it looked normal and pink.

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