Chicken poop or Coffee grounds?

So, chicken poop is very good for gardening, I have read.

It sounds like it adds nitrogen into the soil, which keeps it warm I think, very good for compost.

However, I also heard coffee grounds work even better. So now I’m wondering who I should ask for old coffee grounds, since I don’t drink coffee, hehe

So..I may take some new compost pictures soon. I don’t know if anyone else actually cares about it, but I’m very pleased with how it’s coming along.

If we’re lucky I’ll be able to take pictures of little tomato sprouts too. So far, no sprouting.


3 responses to “Chicken poop or Coffee grounds?

  1. Worst name for a cafe… ever.

  2. thepurplepepper

    Just make sure you don’t sit on one while rubbing the other…that’s just asking for trouble.

  3. You should find that if you ask at the local coffee shop, they will be happy to give you the used grounds. If you want to learn more about coffee grounds for composting, check out my site –

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