Variety and boredom

I’ve been busy with this scarf, so as promised, an update Work-In-Progress picture!

I’m going to secure the ends AFTER it’s finished, so I hope I can get them all tidy and straight.

On another note of tidy and utilitarian..(what do you mean a science scarf isn’t utilitarian? pfft)
I re-laced my shoes military style (at least, one version of a military style? You wouldn’t believe how many ways there are to tie shoes) which I am hoping will take a little vertical pressure off the tops of my feet. When I go for my hike/walks I find often my laces are too tight, or something is causing discomfort on the tops of my feet, so, perhaps this will fix it!

Also, (yes, they’re the balance shoes) I am sorely tempted to paint or dye my shoes, or decorate them somehow. Any ideas on the best ways to go about that? I’m pretty sure acrylic or craft paint is gonna chip off or otherwise look tacky. Clothing dyes seem like I’d have to dip-dye them, rather than paint, and I’m not sure the material would take to it anyway.

Hmm, ponder ponder

~The Purple Pepper


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