Fifty-seven Roses

Wow, I’m speechless.

Well…ok, maybe not, I am here after all.

So I had another project idea, since my attention is bouncing off the walls lately, and the idea started when I was gathering fallen cherry blossoms in the park. I am in the process of making them into a perfume.

I have no idea what I’m doing, so this should be fun!

The instructions I found, said to soak them in water overnight, reduce the water on the stove, and mix them with some vodka and let that sit 48 hours or so, and it should be something perfumey.

So far I think I may have boiled off the fragrance, but we shall see!

In the meantime, I wracked my brain trying to come up with other ways to acquire flowers for free, and experiment more with this process. So I called a local florist and asked if they had any flowers they were going to throw out. One said that she was indeed getting rid of some, though they usually don’t have that problem.

I now find myself sitting in front of 57 roses.

But…but they’re so pretty still..

I kinda want to draw them..but I don’t really need to for any of the projects I have in mind right now. I feel wrong ripping them up to make perfume when I don’t know if my process works yet.

Ohh…decisions decisions, my friend has suggested hanging them up to dry out..or dipping them in silicone, so I have even more ideas floating around, but I need to decide soon I think.

Maybe pressing. Hrmm.

I hope my cat doesn’t eat them before I decide.


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