Adventures in urban gardening

I wanted to start a garden a couple months ago, and I wanted to start this by recycling my kitchen waste into compost.

Considering I’m an unemployed self-employed artist with little no budget, I was a bit discouraged after looking for affordable bins or containers I could buy or make to do composting.
So after I saved a large bag of kitchen scraps, and started attracting fruit flies, I put the bag outside in my little dirt patch and promptly forgot about it.

It’s been raining a lot here, the past couple weeks (stop making those “ew” noises, the story gets better!) and I saw the paper bag disintegrating outside. “Ugh, I forgot about that failure” I thought, and started picking out the large pieces of paper and things to take out. I used a stick to move it around and find any debris that might be particularly gross…and I discovered worms!

STOP with the “ew”s! Worms are excellent! This means I can have a real little compost heap without buying anything!
Unfortunately, what I discovered were not, in fact, worms, but slender salamanders.
Yes, slender salamanders, I looked them up, and I’m pretty sure that’s what they are.
Now, why they magically appeared in my patio (my patio is kind of closed off on every side, which is why I didn’t think I would get worms showing up on their own either) and why they were spawning in my little compost heap, I have no idea, but I was immediately disappointed. I continued moving the dirt around though, and underneath I DID find worms! YAYY

I’m excited, hehe SO, I know these guys are better for composting, but I don’t have a container or money to buy those worms, so I’m going to see how long it takes the normal earth worms to work.

I’m sorry I can’t take pictures of my little dirt patch right now, but I might get something to put up soon!

~The Purple Pepper


2 responses to “Adventures in urban gardening

  1. Remember when we found a salamander in a tent while setting up for the Classic-a-thon? Joel named it the Magda newt, or something similar.

  2. thepurplepepper

    Ha, yes I do remember, that’s cute. I haven’t actually seen any more newts, though I haven’t checked since the rain.

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