Making Good

Heyy two days in a row, looking better already!

So, here are my doodles I mentioned before:

Except the hat, the hat is a Firefly homage to Jayne Cobb. I made one with more subdued colors for a friend, this one is more true to what is on the show…but I think subtle colors work better, if I were to wear one.

Anyway, back on track, what should I make next?

I’m going to make prints, originals and handmade items available on etsy if I get some feedback here! =)

I’m working ridiculously hard to find a regular job, but, if I could supplement things this way, maybe I could build up a portfolio/following/interest and eventually get a real job in the art field before I give it all up.


Until next time…

The Purple Pepper

(oohh not the Blue Onion yet, gotcha)


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