New idea

:checks calendar:


I’ve been talking more than writing, I keep forgetting that while I have a million ideas and I talk and type to my friends….if it isn’t posted HERE, it tends to stagnate.

Right, so new plan. I’ll be posting in here, hopefully in an entertaining way, so that perhaps I’ll get real followers and have incentives to …oh, maybe post pictures and do new exciting things.

To start things off…over the weekend I drew a fun water elemental, and some new snufflers (creatures from a story I am going to write) and I started on a fire elemental picture.

Of course, all that isn’t too exciting unless you can SEE them, sadly my camera’s battery refuses to charge any more, so I have to do some fun acrobatics with a webcam to get crappy pictures up. But for you, dear wonderful reader(s), I will make it happen soon.

Until next time—I am The Purple Pepper.

(Next time I might be the blue onion!)


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