Getting back in the saddle

Oh procrastination, you are my lifelong friend…

I keep thinking I’ll blog something, and then I do something else, like making bagels, woo!

Don’t get too excited, they didn’t turn out too well. I am attempting again later today however! Muahaha…bagels you will be golden and lovely, just waiting for the proper schmear.

hehe, anyway…I have decided, that I am going to really put together a proper online portfolio.¬† This Deviantart business is really …well it looks like it’s slapped together, (three guesses why!) so I’m going to work on something new. Maybe even with ordering options! -ooh-ahh- Bear with me folks, I do a LOT of things, and I have no idea how I want to lay it out yet. BUT, if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please let me know!

I do:

    Puppets¬† (I’ve been branching out to bathtoy puppet/scrub gloves too)
    Drawings (including portraits)
    Jewelry (I’m getting back into funky stuff like magnets and bottlecap necklaces)
    Costume wings (If you want to be a fairy this halloween we should totally talk)
    plus I can make nearly anything paper-related you want, calendars, bookmarks, I can get things printed on mugs, t-shirts whatever you like.

So, that’s my new project, help me stick to it, eh? hehe

Yours truly,

~The Purple Pepper


2 responses to “Getting back in the saddle

  1. Etsy! Also I would be quite excited to get some costume wings from you. I will email you.

  2. thepurplepepper

    I did etsy for a while, I may start doing that again, but I need someone to be on my back about updating and promoting myself…or helping me promote. I tend to juggle too many things at once.

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